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Jason Achilles

Artist, NASA Researcher


Touring multi-instrumentalist JASON ACHILLES divides his time between live performance, record production, orchestral composition, public speaking events from coast to coast... and a healthy 'side gig' as an aerospace innovator having been featured prominently in WIRED Magazine, KTLA morning news, KCRW radio and multiple appearances on CBC Radio (Canada).

Achilles began a music career with his first band while attending UC Berkeley, after egregious final marks led to being notably kicked out of a previous college prior to final admittance when he received his first electric guitar in high school. It was during this same period that his first two orchestral works were composed (on paper), which would later find a voice through overseas recordings in Budapest and Prague, respectively.

Carving a unique path through the storied LA soundscape, Achilles finally discovered his novel musical stylings with a new, experimental multi-instrumentalist approach and released his critically acclaimed debut Comedown LP. It was during this same period in 2017 that Achilles was brought to the public eye, leveraging his audio expertise into a technical consultant position with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to ultimately help bring to Earth the first sounds of the planet Mars as recorded by the Mars 2020 Perseverance rover. 

Jason Achilles has notably worked with and performed alongside Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains), Dizzy Reed (Guns n. Roses), Vivian Campbell (Def Leppard), Steve Stevens and Geezer Butler; even the legendary Doug Kershaw "The Ragin' Cajun” amongst many. When not on the road performing live with his experimental ‘cosmic space-rock’ duo or advancing new aerospace concepts, he is currently developing a live touring planetarium show that will inspire the public through an unlikely personal journey from music to Space. 

Frequently he can be spotted with his nerd-friends attempting to capture high-fidelity audio from numerous rocket launches at Vandenberg Space Force Base in Southern California (trying not to have the microphones incinerated).


"MILWAUKEE — A rockstar from Los Angeles is providing kids in Milwaukee a different perspective on how a career in music can lead you to unexpected places" - WTMJ-TV

“(Jerry) Cantrell is joined by a six-piece band that includes pedal steel player Michael Rozon and keyboard player Jason Achilles, the additional members creating lush instrumentation that adds layers and contrast to the mesmerizing, heavy-riff musicality.” - VILLAGE VOICE

"His work with NASA...has got that same sort of fascination and wonderment as music does, which opens the creative door for him" - WIRED MAGAZINE

"[Achilles] offers up a brilliant record...slick guitar tones, enchanting as they intertwine through each and every speaks for itself. And it speaks loudly." - NO DEPRESSION

"Just as impressive as his musicianship is [Achilles'] ability to trigger effects, create grandiose soundscapes...with his mad scientist-esque hair and space-agey sound, [Achilles] is an artist who can be dropped into just about any situation and draw in even the most listless crowd with his innovative, avant-garde tunes and dextrous playing...he's composing conceptual art. This is purposeful chaos at its finest." - MUSIC CONNECTION MAGAZINE

"A talented multi-instrumentalist; Achilles' musical history is a grab-bag of genres and collaborators ranging from ragtime duos...classical compositions...indie rock bands. But if it weren't scary, everyone would do it." - ROGUE VALLEY MESSENGER